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Christopher DeMartino

Chris has been playing lacrosse for over 12 years. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he was fortunate enough to have his youth coaches for basketball introduce him to lacrosse and had him practice with a high school team all when he was in the 8th grade. Once in high school, he was one of the youngest freshmen ever to play Varsity. After high school, Chris played, and still continues to play, lacrosse for adult leagues, recreational leagues, tournaments and more. Chris is an accountant, currently getting his masters in Forensic Accounting, working for a firm in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. He is also a skilled tutor, FDNY-in-training and currently coaches at the high school level for one of the only catholic high schools in Brooklyn to have a lacrosse program, Xaverian High School. Being a certified US Lacrosse high school head coach gives him an advantage and one of his biggest goals is to prepare his players to get to that next level they need. Chris is committed, encouraging and eager to share his passion for lacrosse to all young players alike.