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Wes Jackson

Boys Program Director

Wes, a native of the Bronx, NY and co-founder of the Brooklyn Crescents Lacrosse Club, started playing lacrosse at the Buckley School in Manhattan. Unfamiliar with the game he followed his football and basketball coach and learned the Game of the Creator.  Wes continued playing at The Lawrenceville School where he was a part of the school's nationally ranked undefeated team. After graduating from the University of Virginia, Wes returned to New York and settled in Brooklyn where he began his career in music, entertainment and marketing running his company Brooklyn Bodega and producing the annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.  Looking to play lacrosse again, he met Dan Sheff and L'Quentus Thomas. He joined the coaching staff of the Brooklyn Admirals with Thomas and Sheff, where he met Crescents co-founders Kassim Howell, Susan Murray, and Jessica O'Brien.  Wes lives in Clinton Hill and is excited to be coaching his own kids who are now old enough to play.