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The Brooklyn Crescents announce the creation of a Brooklyn Crescents Hall of Fame to celebrate the accomplishments of its greatest athletes, coaches, teams, and special contributors. You can nominate candidates for the inaugural Hall of Fame Class below.

Nominations for the Brooklyn Crescents Athletics Hall of Fame class are being accepted on a rolling basis. Please contact for a nomination form.


Nominees will be accepted from the following categories:



There will be 4 categories for Brooklyn Crescents Hall of Fame enshrinement. To make a nomination, please see the form below.



  • A person who has been on a verified official roster of the Brooklyn Crescents. (Injury shortened seasons will count as a full season for eligibility purposes.)


  • As a player, gameplay, attitude, commitment to the organization will be factors used by the committee for enshrinement.



  • A person that has been a coach in an official verified capacity.


  • As a coach, commitment to the team, constructive approach and attitude, overall support to the team, etc. will be factors used by the committee for enshrinement.


             Organization member

  • A person that has served the Brooklyn Crescents Organization in an administrative capacity, team organizer, or any other team position not delineated above.

  • As an organization member, continued dedication to the organization, attitude and overall commitment will be some of the criteria considered for enshrinement.



  • A person who has made significant contributions to the Crescents Organization since its inception. Persons eligible for this category are supporters of the organization. Their eligibility will be determined by the Board of Directors upon nomination from the HOF committee.


  • As a contributor, significant contributions to the organization will count towards enshrinement.


Nominations can be made by anyone for anyone that has been a part of the Crescents Organization; their eligibility will be determined by the HOF committee.


If a person has been nominated in a particular year, but does not meet the minimum HOF committee votes for that year’s enshrinement, he/she can be nominated again.


The inaugural class for the Brooklyn Crescents Lacrosse Hall of Fame will be named this during the program’s 10 year Gala celebration.